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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ

At this point in your planning process, you’ve found a few DJs that you’re interested in hiring. (if not, check out this article on "How To Find The Perfect DJ In 4 Easy Steps"). Now comes the task of pinpointing exactly who will be the perfect fit for your vision. It’s crucial that you know exactly what questions to ask in order to gain the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Here are some important questions you’ll want to ask before committing to your wedding DJ. By asking these questions you’ll be confident in knowing you’re making the right decision. I’ve also included some bonus questions for you at the bottom-

Question 1: What style of DJ are you?

Before you ask this question, try to determine what “style” or “vision you want for your wedding. Once you know this, you’ll be able to match your style with the DJ’s. Keep in mind that some DJs are particular to one style and some can do it all. These questions will help you determine that -

  • What kind of music do you usually play?

  • What’s your emcee style like? (more on this later)

  • Can you explain some past weddings you’ve done?

If you need help finding the perfect style for your wedding check out this article here (Wedding Style Finder)

Question 2: What packages do you offer?

Here is another question where you’ll want to know what your wedding is going to need from beginning to end. Try to plan out your wedding from ceremony to dancing and find out how long it will be. Remember, not all weddings are alike. Some may have a ceremony, and some may not. Most DJ’s will have packages that fit everyone’s needs but ask them to explain what’s included to ensure you’re covered.

Bonus Tips:

  • Make sure you find out if setup and take down is included in the package.

  • Find out if there travel pay will need to be accounted for.

Question 3: How will you get the dance floor packed, and keep it that way?

Getting guests on the dance floor is certainly an art form that can be difficult to master.

Your DJ should be working from the time guests arrive to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible before it’s time to break out the dance moves. They should also be reminding your guests that they’re amongst friends and family in a celebration of love. These questions will help get a better idea

  • What kind of strategies have you used in the past?

  • Are the strategies all inclusive?

  • How will you decide on what music will be played?

Bonus Tip: Your DJ should be preparing for dancing the moment you give them your preferred playlist or wedding style. They should be asking you questions about what kind of music you want played to get an understanding of what you and your guests will dance to. Find out if your DJ offers access to a music database where you can pick and choose the exact songs you want to hear.

Question 4: Will you be able to Emcee?

Wedding DJ’s wear many different hats. They can be DJ’s, planner’s, coordinator’s, and emcees. When choosing the right DJ, you’ll want to ensure your DJ has the capability and knowledge to seamlessly move the party from one activity to another. You'll want a DJ who is organized and prepared to take control of a crowd. You don't want to be thinking about what is going on in the background while your immersed in an experience you'll never forget. This is often a key question that is missed when interviewing a DJ.

Question 5: What separates you from the rest?

This question is last but certainly not least. There are a lot of DJs to choose from that offer similar packages, equipment, and services. The tough part is finding what makes the DJ you're interviewing different from the rest. Pay attention to how they respond to your questions. Notice if they keep interrupting you or forget essential details. Your DJ should be asking a lot of questions to find out what exactly you’ll need.

You're Ready To Go!

The questions above will help you determine how the DJ matches your vision. This is not the DJ’s big day, this is yours. The DJ should be an extension of all the pieces that make the day come together just right. Once you've told them exactly what you're looking for, ask the DJ to sum up what the entire day. With this knowledge, you'll be confident you picked the perfect DJ!

Important Quick Questions

  • Do you have a client portal for planning?

  • Do you offer a written contract?

  • How many weddings/ events have you done?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • What if the DJ has an emergency and can’t make it?

  • What is needed to lock in the date?

  • What will happen in the event of an emergency and my DJ cannot make it?

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